Lifelong O'Sider, Educator, & Small Business Owner

Newborn Amber Kae held by MotherAmber Kae held by her 17-year-old mother

Amber Kae is proud to be a lifelong O'Sider and mother of 2. She was raised in Oceanside by a single mother and attended local public schools. After graduating from El Camino High School, she earned her Associate degree and certificates to teach Pilates and yoga from MiraCosta College. Amber Kae earned her Bachelor's and Master's of Arts degrees in Sociology from California State University - San Marcos.

Before starting her family Amber Kae volunteered for Brother Benno's to help unhoused and low-income community members. She returned to her alma mater, MiraCosta, to teach Sociology and has mentored numerous interns and students. She leads students to conduct community service and engagement projects at local non-profits. Her favorite work as a professor has been with AAPI, Umoga, and Transitions (formerly incarcerated) students within MiraCosta's ASE program.

Amber Kae with childrenAmber Kae and her 2 children

For over a decade, Amber Kae has owned a small mobile business teaching Pilates, yoga, and mindfulness modalities. She often leads these practices in Oceanside's open spaces. She loves the outdoors and combines that passion with her advocacy for diversity in National Parks through a non-profit, Black People Who Hike.

Amber Kae raises her children in Oceanside, District 4, where they attend public school. On the council, Amber Kae will empower the voices within underrepresented communities, including her children's Samoan community. When elected, she will ensure Oceanside is an affordable, environmentally healthy, and equitable destination for families and small businesses to thrive.